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85 Maidstone to Senacre Wood

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Maidstone Royal Star Arcade
Senacre Wood Hever Close
Senacre Wood Titchfield Road
Senacre Wood Cranbrook Close
Senacre Wood Ifield Close
Senacre Wood Graveney Road
Senacre Wood Freeman Way
Shepway Westmorland Road
Shepway Oxford Road
Shepway St Martin's Church
Shepway Suffolk Road
Shepway Derby Road
Shepway Kent Avenue Roundabout
Shepway South Park Road
Shepway Park Way
Maidstone York Road
Maidstone The Spinney
Maidstone Boys' Grammar School
Maidstone Waterloo Street
Maidstone Crompton Gardens
Maidstone Chequers Bus Station
Maidstone Mill Street
Maidstone Royal Star Arcade

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