Bus route

8 from Maidstone Chequers Bus Station to Barming Heath Maidstone Hospital
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Barming Heath Maidstone Hospital
Maidstone Chequers Bus Station
Maidstone Royal Star Arcade
Maidstone The Cannon
Maidstone West Railway Station
Maidstone Rowland Close
Maidstone Charles Street
Maidstone St Michael's Junior School
Upper Fant St Michael's Road
Upper Fant Road
Upper Fant Whitmore Street
Upper Fant Unicumes Lane
Maidstone Milton Street
Maidstone Gatland Lane
Maidstone Ridgway
Maidstone Terminus Road
Barming Fountain Lane
Barming The Cherries
Barming Beverley Road Shops
Barming Banky Meadow
Barming Heath Long Rede Lane
Barming Heath Heath Grove
Barming Heath Oakapple Lane
Barming Heath Maidstone Hospital