Bus route

8 from Hockley Torridge to Tamworth Town Centre Victoria Road Bus Interchange
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Hockley Torridge
Hockley Gorsey Bank Road
Hockley Jonkel Avenue
Hockley Goldcrest
Hockley Stonehill Walk
Hockley Bakers Walk
Hockley Hastings Close
Wilnecote New Road
Wilnecote Sycamore
Wilnecote Holy Trinity Church
Wilnecote Lane
Wilnecote Thurne
Belgrave Rothay
Belgrave High School
Belgrave Nymet
Belgrave Post Office
Belgrave Medina
Belgrave Hayle
Kettlebrook Launceston Close
Kettlebrook Tamworth Road
Kettlebrook Broadsmeath
Kettlebrook Greatmead
Two Gates Park Farm Lodge
Two Gates St Christopher's Drive
Kettlebrook Barnbridge
Kettlebrook Campion Drive
Kettlebrook The Snow Dome
Tamworth Town Centre Victoria Road Bus Interchange
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