Bus route

8 from Halton Main Point to Aylesbury College

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Halton Main Point
Halton Trinity Church
Halton Veterinary Surgery
Wendover The Rose & Crown PH
Wendover Tring Road Shops
Wendover Clock Tower
Wendover Health Centre
Wendover Perry Street
Wendover Castle Park Road
World's End Nursing Home
Weston Turville Church Lane
Weston Turville The Chandos Arms PH
Weston Turville Marroway
Stoke Mandeville Weston Turville Turn
Stoke Mandeville Station Road Turn
Stoke Mandeville Hampden Hall
Stoke Mandeville Silver Birch Way
Aylesbury Wendover Road
Aylesbury Camborne Avenue
Aylesbury Sports Club
Aylesbury Chaucer Drive
Aylesbury Police Station
Aylesbury Magistrates Court
Aylesbury Walton Street
Bedgrove Langdon Avenue
Bedgrove Cam Mead
Bedgrove Long Meadow
Bedgrove Ingram Avenue
Bedgrove Dorset Place
Bedgrove Wymering Road
Bedgrove Welbeck Avenue
Aylesbury Richmond Road
Aylesbury Connaught Road
Aylesbury Broughton Avenue
Aylesbury Malvern Road
Aylesbury Eastfield Road
Aylesbury Southfield Road
Aylesbury Narbeth Drive
Aylesbury Barnsbury Avenue
Aylesbury Grecian Street
Aylesbury Tring Road Cemetery
Aylesbury Tring Road Tesco
Aylesbury Exchange Street
Aylesbury Morrisons
Aylesbury Railway Station
Aylesbury Bus Stn
Aylesbury Morrisons
Aylesbury TA Centre
Aylesbury College
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