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78 Halewood to Liverpool

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Liverpool Queen Square Bus Station
Halewood Leathers Lane
Halewood Leathers Lane
Halewood Roseheath Drive
Halewood Leathers Lane
Halewood Mansell Drive
Halewood Torrington Drive
Halewood Blackburne Drive
Halewood Portway
Woolton Roskell Road
Woolton Camberley Drive
Woolton Linkside Road
Woolton Mackets Lane
Woolton Whitney Place
Woolton Hunts Cross Avenue
Woolton Halewood Drive
Woolton Allerton Road
Woolton Mount
Woolton Glenacres
Woolton Hill Road
Woolton Blackwood Avenue
Woolton Wood View Road
Childwall Cabot Green
Childwall Gipsy Lane
Childwall Hornby Lane
Childwall Cromptons Lane
Childwall Green Lane
Wavertree Montclair Drive
Wavertree Loreburn Road
Wavertree Fir Lane
Wavertree Hunters Lane
Wavertree Prince Alfred Road
Wavertree Glynn Street
Wavertree Colville Street
Wavertree Picton Crescent
Wavertree Salisbury Road
Edge Hill Wavertree Shopping Centre
Edge Hill Chatsworth Drive
Edge Hill Overton Street
Liverpool Low Hill
Liverpool Epworth Street
Liverpool Greek Street
Liverpool Queen Square Bus Station