Bus route

78/78A/79 Nuneaton to University Hospital 78 Keresley 79

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Walsgrave University Hospital
Walsgrave Caludon Centre
Walsgrave Church
Walsgrave Henley Rd
Henley Green Pandora Rd
Henley Green Luscombe Rd
Henley Green Broad Park Rd
Henley Green Newhall Rd
Henley Green Deedmore Rd
Bell Green Dame Agnes Grove
Bell Green Old Church Rd
Bell Green Almond Tree Avenue
Wood End Dersingham Drive
Aldermans Green Mill Race Lane
Longford Barston Close
Longford St Thomas' Rd
Longford Dovedale Avenue
Longford Tesco Superstore
Longford Windmill Rd
Longford Oakmoor Rd
Longford Square
Longford Oban Rd
Longford Ibstock Rd
Exhall Black Horse
Exhall Longford Road
Exhall Narrow Boat Close
Exhall Lymington Drive
Exhall Ironbridge Way
Exhall Boat
Exhall Lord Raglan
Exhall Heckley Road
Exhall Hayes Lane
Exhall Field View Close
Exhall Cedars Road
Bedworth Black Bank
Exhall Coventry Road
Bedworth Marshall Road
Bedworth Jones Road
Bedworth Rectory Close
Bedworth Leisure Centre
Bedworth Saunders Avenue
Bedworth Mill Street
Bedworth Iceland
Bedworth Park Road
Bedworth Newtown Road
Bedworth Margaret Road
Bedworth Lovell Road
Bedworth Dempster Road
Bedworth Bonington Drive
Collycroft Stubbs Close
Collycroft Stubbs Close
Collycroft Wood Street
Collycroft Glenwood Gardens
Collycroft Mill Terrace
Collycroft Hill Street
Bedworth The Griff
Bedworth Griff House
Nuneaton Bermuda Park
Nuneaton National Dairies
Nuneaton Cinema
Nuneaton George Eliot Hospital Main Entrance
Nuneaton Edward Street
Nuneaton Riversley Road
Nuneaton Mill Street
Nuneaton Bus Station
Nuneaton Railway Station
Nuneaton Saints Way
Nuneaton Higham Lane
Nuneaton North Warwickshire College