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76 Halewood to Liverpool

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Halewood Shopping Centre
Liverpool Queen Square Bus Station
Liverpool Monument Place
Liverpool Falkland Street
Liverpool Epworth Street
Liverpool Smithdown Lane
Liverpool Melville Place
Liverpool Orphan Street
Liverpool Falkner Street
Toxteth Crown Street
Toxteth Commerce Way
Toxteth Yanwath Street
Toxteth Boswell Street
Toxteth Lime Grove
Princes Park Croxteth Road
Sefton Park Hartington Road
Sefton Park York Avenue
Sefton Park Halkyn Avenue
Wavertree Borrowdale Road
Mossley Hill Deepfield Road
Mossley Hill Plattsville Road
Allerton Queens Drive
Allerton Addingham Road
Allerton Green Lane
Calderstones Park Cromptons Lane
Woolton Druids Cross Road
Woolton Druidsville Road
Woolton Beaconsfield Road
Woolton Vale Road
Woolton Evesham Close
Woolton Cheddar Close
Woolton Menlove Avenue
Woolton Allerton Road
Woolton Church Road South
Woolton Watergate Lane
Woolton Manor Way
Woolton Hunts Cross Avenue
Woolton Malton Road
Woolton Whitney Road
Halewood Clover Avenue
Halewood Gerrards Lane
Halewood Redwing Way
Halewood Foxglove Avenue
Halewood Harrier Drive
Halewood Trispen Close
Halewood Totnes Avenue
Halewood Helston Avenue
Halewood Station
Halewood Station
Halewood Shopping Centre

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