Bus route and timetables

74/74A/74B/74S Nuneaton to Coventry

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Nuneaton Bus Station
Nuneaton Railway Station
Nuneaton Vicarage Street
Nuneaton Lister Street
Nuneaton Fifeild Close
Attleborough Green
Nuneaton Roxburgh Road
Nuneaton Donnithorne Avenue
Nuneaton Roxburgh Road
Nuneaton Lutterworth Road
Nuneaton Leyland Road
Whitestone Quarry Lane
Whitestone Crowhill Road
Whitestone Arden Road
Whitestone Shops
Whitestone Road
Whitestone Purcell Avenue
Whitestone Marston Lane
Bedworth Nuneaton Road
Bulkington Nuneaton Road
Bedworth Claremont Close
Bulkington Nuneaton Road
Bulkington The Paddocks
Bulkington Cleveland Road
Bulkington The Croft
Bulkington St James Church
Bulkington Winterton Road
Bramcote Barracks
Burton Hastings Cicey Lane
Wolvey Square
Shilton Church
Ansty Rose and Castle
Ansty Grove Road
Walsgrave Parkway Island
Walsgrave Parkway Island
Walsgrave Mount Pleasant
Walsgrave Harmer Close
Walsgrave Church
Walsgrave Caludon Centre
Walsgrave University Hospital
Walsgrave University Hospital
Walsgrave Caludon Centre
Wyken Green Clifford Bridge Rd
Wyken Green Norton Hill Drive
Wyken Green Arch Rd
Wyken Green Hipswell Highway
Wyken Green Morris Avenue
Wyken Green Mellowdew Rd
Upper Stoke Dane Rd
Stoke Raleigh Rd
Gosford Green Bulls Head Lane
Gosford Green Kingsway
Gosford Green Hugh Road
Gosford Green Far Gosford Street
Gosford Green All Saints Square
Coventry Under Ring Rd
Coventry Grove St
Coventry Sports Centre
Coventry Pool Meadow Bus Station