Bus route

6X from Maidstone Chequers Bus Station to Pembury Tunbridge Wells Hospital
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Pembury Tunbridge Wells Hospital
Maidstone Chequers Bus Station
Maidstone Royal Star Arcade
Maidstone The Cannon
Maidstone West Railway Station
Maidstone Bower Place
Maidstone Bower Lane
Maidstone St Michael's Church
Maidstone The Poplars
Maidstone Clare Park
Maidstone Oakwood Park
Maidstone Western Road
Maidstone Cherry Tree
Barming St Andrew's Church
Barming Fountain Lane
Barming Heath Oakapple Lane
Barming Heath Maidstone Hospital
Barming Heath Oakapple Lane
Barming Fountain Lane
Barming Beverley Road
Barming Glebe Lane
Barming The Bull
Teston The Street
Teston Valley Court
The Wateringbury
Wateringbury Glebe Meadow
Wateringbury Railway Station
Nettlestead Village Hall
Nettlestead Gibbs Hill
Nettlestead Green The Hop Pole
Pembury Mercure Hotel
Pembury Tunbridge Wells Hospital