Bus route

68E from Bootle Bus Station to Old Swan Tynwald Hill
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Bootle Bus Station
Bootle Thornton Road
Bootle Gloucester Road
Bootle Fernhill Road
Bootle Connolly Avenue
Walton Prison
Walton Station
Walton Rice Lane Station
Walton Fazakerley Road
Walton Cavendish Drive
Walton Denbigh Road
Walton on the Hill Bedford Road
Walton on the Hill Pym Street
Walton Lind Street
Walton Eton Street
Walton Spellow Lane
Walton Lane
Anfield Cemetery
Anfield Utting Avenue
Anfield Wenlock Road
Cabbage Hall Townsend Lane
Tuebrook Richmond Park
Tuebrook Breckside Park
Tuebrook March Road
Tuebrook Windsor Road
Tuebrook Santon Avenue
Tuebrook Rockbank Lane
Old Swan Tynwald Hill
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