Bus route

64 from Selby College to Byram Park Post Office
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Byram Park Post Office
Selby College
Selby Abbot's Road
Selby Abbot's Road
Selby Eden Avenue
Selby Abbots Road Bawtry Rd End
Selby Canal Bridge
Selby Reginald Terrace
Selby Bus Stn Stand 4
Selby Audus Street
Selby St Mary's School
Selby High Sch
Selby Gpo Manholes
Brayton West Park
Brayton Meadway
Brayton Sandhill Lane
Thorpe Willoughby Southlands Farm
Thorpe Willoughby Holly Grove
Thorpe Willoughby Francis Court
Thorpe Willoughby Field Avenue
Thorpe Willoughby Field Lane Shops
Thorpe Willoughby Willow Rise
Thorpe Willoughby Turnaround
Thorpe Willoughby Willow Rise
Thorpe Willoughby Field Lane Shops
Thorpe Willoughby Field Avenue
Thorpe Willoughby Londesborough Grove
Hambleton Council Houses
Hambleton St Mary's Approach
Hambleton Village Green
Hambleton Bar Lane
Hambleton Breckswood Lane End
Hambleton Brecks Farm Lane End
Monk Fryston Green Lane
Monk Fryston Austfield Lane
Monk Fryston Post Office
Monk Fryston Croft Court
Lumby Battersby Roundabout
South Milford Beech Drive
South Milford Bridge Garth
Sherburn in Elmet Home Farm
Sherburn in Elmet Sherburn High School
Sherburn in Elmet New Lane
Sherburn in Elmet Sherburn Park
Sherburn in Elmet Sherburn Crossroads
Sherburn in Elmet Petrol Station
Sherburn in Elmet Pasture Way
Sherburn in Elmet Industrial Estate
Monk Fryston Mill Close
Hillam Cross Keys
Hillam Ashfield Villas
Burton Salmon Cricket Ground
Burton Salmon Village
Burton Salmon North Lodge Lane End
Brotherton Foxcliff
Brotherton Fox Hotel
Brotherton The Fox Hotel
Brotherton Rugby Ground
Brotherton The Bungalow
Brotherton Belmont
Brotherton The Fox Hotel
Byram Park Woodlea
Byram Park West Acres
Byram Park East Acres
Byram Park St Edwards Close
Byram Park Sutton Lane
Byram Park Post Office

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