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64 Arnison Centre to Sherburn

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Arnison Centre Sainsburys
Sherburn Gray Avenue
Sherburn Park House
Sherburn Aged Miners
Sherburn Crossroads
Sherburn Church
Sherburn Road Sherburn Grange Farm
Sherburn Road Motorway Bridge
Gilesgate Moor Dragon Lane Retail Park
Gilesgate Moor Dragon Lane near Tesco
Gilesgate Moor Rennys Lane
Gilesgate Moor Travellers Rest
Gilesgate Moor Montgomery Crescent
Gilesgate Moor Bradford Crescent
Gilesgate Moor Bradford Cr-Roosevelt Rd
Gilesgate Moor Musgrave Gardens
Gilesgate Moor Hare and Hounds Veterinary Centre
Gilesgate Moor Edward Street
Durham Sunderland Road
Durham Magdalene Street
Durham The Chains - Woodman
Durham Claypath Millennium Place
Durham North Road Stand A
Durham Millburngate Stand B
Durham Wharton Park
Durham St Leonards School
Durham County Hall
Durham Dryburn Hospital - old entrance
Durham Aykley Heads - for University Hospital
Framwellgate Moor High Carr Road
Framwellgate Moor Happy Wanderer
Framwellgate Moor School
Newton Hall Eden Road
Newton Hall Langley Road
Newton Hall Kirkham Road
Newton Hall Dilston Road
Newton Hall Canterbury Road Park
Newton Hall Canterbury Road Schools
Newton Hall Norwich Road
Newton Hall Rothbury Rd Phone Box
Newton Hall Rothbury Road - Alnwick Road
Newton Hall Abbey Sports Centre
Arnison Centre Sainsburys

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