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62 Bootle to Penny Lane

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Bootle Melling Road
Mossley Hill Penny Lane
Wavertree Beverley Road
Wavertree Fir Lane
Wavertree Hunters Lane
Wavertree Mill Lane
Wavertree Valencia Road
Olive Mount Deverell Road
Olive Mount Birch Grove
Old Swan Domville Road
Old Swan Davidson Road
Old Swan Tesco
Old Swan Booth Street
Stanley Bolan Street
Stanley Sark Road
Old Swan Woburn Hill
Tuebrook Sutton Street
Tuebrook Santon Avenue
Clubmoor Lisburn Lane
Clubmoor Delamain Road
Clubmoor Adshead Road
West Derby Queens Drive
Clubmoor Altham Road
West Derby Lorenzo Drive
West Derby Lewisham Road
West Derby Stalisfield Avenue
West Derby Wingrave Way
Norris Green Etal Close
Norris Green Carr Lane
Norris Green Utting Avenue East
Norris Green West Derby Cemetery
Norris Green East Lancashire Road
Walton Ternhall Road
Walton Police Station
Fazakerley Aintree Hospital
Fazakerley Moss Pits Lane
Fazakerley Longmoor Lane
Fazakerley Station
Fazakerley Seventh Avenue
Fazakerley Higher Lane
Fazakerley Bradville Road
Fazakerley Goodacre Road
Fazakerley Solar Road
Walton Vale Grace Road
Walton Vale Orrell Park Station
Walton Rice Lane Station
Walton Fazakerley Road
Walton Cavendish Drive
Walton Denbigh Road
Walton Astor Street
Bootle Hill Crest
Bootle Balliol Road East
Bootle Hawthorne Road
Bootle Balliol Road
Bootle Trinity Road
Bootle Strand Shopping Centre
Bootle Marsh Lane
Bootle Melling Road