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6/6A/7/7A Burbage to Nuneaton

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Burbage Co-operative Store
Burbage Lilac Close
Burbage Aster Close
Burbage Sketchley Road
Burbage Sketchley Road
Burbage Pyeharps Road
Burbage Robinson Way
Burbage Crossways
Burbage The Sycamores
Burbage Strutt Road
Burbage Horsepool
Burbage Grove Road
Burbage Abbotts Green
Burbage Squires Green
Burbage Shops
Burbage Lucas Road
Burbage St Martin's
Burbage Featherstone Drive
Burbage Castle Court
Hinckley Lidl Store
Hinckley Rail Station
Hinckley Springfield Road
Hinckley St Mary's Road
Hinckley The Crescent Bus Station
Hinckley Regent Street
Hinckley Atkins Building
Hinckley Police Station
Hinckley Westray Drive
Hinckley Bute Close
Hinckley Sandy Crescent
Hinckley Farneway
Hinckley Beardson Crescent
Hinckley Gowrie Close
Hinckley Dunblane Way
Hinckley Stirling Avenue
Hinckley Lyneham Close
Hinckley Brenfield Drive
Hinckley Lawton Close
Hinckley Henry Street
Hinckley Redmoor High School
Hinckley Stoke Road
Hinckley Tudor Road
Hinckley Dorothy Goodman School
Stoke Golding St Martins School
Stoke Golding Greenwood Road
Stoke Golding Hall Drive
Stoke Golding Main Street
Stoke Golding Methodist Church
Stoke Golding Main Street
Stoke Golding Higham Lane
Higham-on-the-Hill Vale Farm
Higham-on-the-Hill Main Street
Higham-on-the-Hill Willow Cottage
Higham-on-the-Hill Methodist Church
Higham-on-the-Hill Cherry Orchard
Higham-on-the-Hill Farm
Nuneaton Watling Street
Nuneaton Milby Drive
Nuneaton Peake Avenue
Nuneaton St Nicolas Park Drive
Nuneaton Brookdale Road
Nuneaton North Warwickshire College
Nuneaton Ferndale Crescent
Nuneaton Higham Lane
Nuneaton Etone School
Nuneaton Bus Station

Map data ©2022
Map data ©2022
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