Bus route

5A from Derby Osmaston Road to Derby Osmaston Road

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Derby Osmaston Road
Derby Lara Croft Way
Derby Leopold Street
Rose Hill Swinburne Street
Rose Hill Mill Hill Lane
Normanton Empress Road
Normanton St Chads Road
Normanton Overdale Road
Normanton French Street
Littleover Grafton Street
Littleover Horwood Avenue
Littleover South Avenue
Littleover Burton Road Shops
Littleover Church Street
Littleover Pavilion Road
Littleover Mostyn Avenue
Littleover Valley Road
Littleover Bonsall Avenue
Littleover Rowsley Avenue
Normanton Castleton Avenue
Normanton Derby Lane
Normanton Huxley Close
Normanton Browning Street
Normanton Browning Circle
Normanton Baxter Square
Normanton Coleridge Street
Normanton Caxton Street
Normanton Cuttlebrook Close
Sunny Hill Kendon Avenue
Sunny Hill Freeman Avenue
Sunny Hill Hartland Drive
Sunny Hill Instow Drive
Sunny Hill Blagreaves Lane End
Sunny Hill Southcroft
Sunny Hill Swarkestone Drive
Sunny Hill The Oaklands
Sunny Hill Bowbridge Avenue
Sunny Hill Oaklands Avenue top
Sunny Hill Kegworth Avenue
Littleover Greenburn Close
Littleover Hill Cross Avenue
Littleover Harpur Avenue
Littleover The Hollow
Littleover Derby High School
Littleover Greenway Drive
Littleover Keats Avenue
Mickleover Jackson Avenue
Mickleover Rough Heanor Road
Mickleover Kings Drive
Royal Derby Hospital
Royal Derby Hospital Ring Road
Royal Derby Hospital Dalton Avenue
California St Cuthberts Road
California St Swithins Close
St Lukes Radcliffe Drive End
St Lukes Bedford Street
St Lukes Stockbrook Street
St Lukes Harrison Street
St Lukes Faire Street
St Lukes Lorne Street
St Lukes Farm Street
Derby Mount Street
Derby Osmaston Road
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