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576 Shrewsbury to Oswestry

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Oswestry Bus Station
Shrewsbury Bus Station
Shrewsbury The Pump House
Coton Hill No. 11
Coton Hill Coton Manor Flats
Berwick Rosehill War Memorial
Leaton Church
Leaton Industrial Estate
Bomere Heath School
Bomere Heath Red Lion PH
Bomere Heath Chapel
Bomere Heath Brook Road Jct
Old Woods Romping Cat
Old Woods Crossroads
Old Woods Nursery
Yeaton Farm
Walford Adforton Jct
Prescott Doctors Surgery
Baschurch The Wheatlands Jct
Baschurch Admiral Duncan
Westoncommon War Memorial
Baschurch Sandgate
Ruyton Xl Towns Platt Bridge
Ruyton Xl Towns Bridge Inn
Ruyton Xl Towns Little Ness Road Jct
Ruyton Xl Towns Top House PH
Ruyton Xl Towns The Cross
Shotatton Crossroads
Wolfshead Dovaston Jct
Dovaston Crossroads
Dovaston Jct
Kinnerley Mountainside
Kinnerley Cross Keys
Knockin Church
Osbaston Mountain View
Woolston Depot
Woolston Lower House Farm
Maesbury Marsh Navigation Inn
Maesbury Marsh Marshfields Jct
Newbridge Primary School
The Ball Inn
Morda Industrial Estate
Oswestry Highway Man PH
Oswestry Arriva Garage
Oswestry Bear Hotel
Morda Marches School
Oswestry Bus Station

Arriva Bus

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