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571 Halifax to Shelf

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Halifax Town Centre Halifax Bus Station J
Shelf Carr House Rd Cooper Lane
Shelf Carr House Rd Carr House Lane
Shelf Wade House Rd Brow Lane
Shelf Wade House Rd Wade House Ave
Shelf Village Hall
Shelf Halifax Road Bridle Stile
Shelf Halifax Road
Shelf Halifax Rd Sun Wood Avenue
Shelf Brighouse & Denholme Gate Road Halifax Rd
Shelf Stone Leigh Farm
Coley Stocks Farm
Coley Road Lower Shelf
Coley St Johns Church
Coley Road Denholme Gate Rd
Hipperholme Denholme Gate Rd Southfield Terrace
Hipperholme Denholme Gate Road Northedge Ln
Hipperholme Denholme Gate Road Towngate
Hipperholme Denholme Gate Rd Allotments
Hipperholme Crossroads Wakefield Road
Hipperholme Wakefield Rd Victoria Road
Lightcliffe Wakefield Rd St Giles Road
Lightcliffe Wakefield Road J & I School
Lightcliffe Wakefield Rd St Matthew's Church
Lightcliffe Wakefield Rd Stoney Lane
Lightcliffe Wakefield Rd Ripley Street
Lightcliffe Greenfield Ave East Street
Lightcliffe Bentley Ave Shirley Grove
Lightcliffe Bentley Avenue Aysgarth Ave
Lightcliffe Bentley Avenue
Lightcliffe Fairless Avenue
Lightcliffe Stoney Lane
Brighouse Catherine Slack
Brighouse Whinney Hill Park
Brighouse Whinney Hill Park Cemetery
Brighouse Whinney Hill Park Bracken Ave
Brighouse Whinney Hill Park
Brighouse Whinney Hill Park Hoyle House Beck
Brighouse Whinney Hill Park Smith House Lane
Brighouse Smith House Lane
Hove Edge Slead Avenue
Waring Green Brighouse Cemetery
Waring Green St Andrew's Infants
Waring Green Centre
Waring Green St Andrew's Juniors
Brighouse Rydings Park
Brighouse Prospect Place
Brighouse Bus Station stand C
Brighouse Bus Station stand B
Brighouse Elland Rd Halifax Road
Brookfoot Brighouse Wood Road
Brookfoot Elland Road Wilton St
Brookfoot Marshalls Works
Brookfoot St Annes In The Grove
Brookfoot Brier Lane
Southowram Church Lane Birks Royd
Southowram Church Lane Stoney Ln
Southowram Church Lane St Anne's Church
Southowram Church Lane Chapel Ln
Southowram Cain Lane Cromwell Rd
Southowram Cain Lane
Southowram Towngate Ashday Lane
Southowram Law Lane Post Office
Southowram Law Lane Rustic Ave
Southowram Law Lane Whitley Ln
Southowram Law Lane
Southowram Law Lane Pinnar Ln
Southowram Bank Top Common Lane
Southowram Bank Top Marsh Lane
Halifax Town Centre Beacon Hill Rd Green Lane
Halifax Town Centre Beacon Hill Rd Southowram Bank
Claremount Beacon Hill Road Godley Branch Rd
Claremount Beacon Hill Road Godley Rd
Halifax Town Centre Northgate
Halifax Town Centre Halifax Bus Station J

Map data ©2024
Map data ©2024
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