Bus route and timetables

57/57A Ashington to North Shields

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North Shields Bedford Street
North Shields Howard Street
North Shields West Percy Street
North Shields Albion Road-Sidney Street
North Shields Albion Road West-Newcastle Street
North Shields Chirton Green-Obilisk
North Shields Billy Mill Avenue-Chirton Lane
North Shields Billy Mill Ave-Addington Cres
Billy Mill Lynn Road - Hedgeley Road
Billy Mill Lane-School
Billy Mill Lane-Whitehouse Lane
New York Billy Mill Lane-Selkirk Way
New York Rake Lane-Billy Mill Lane
New York Rake Lane-Devon Road
Preston Grange North Tyneside Hospital
Preston Grange Rake Lane-Cotswold Road
Preston Grange Rake Lane-Foxhunters
Monkseaton Shields Road
Monkseaton Whitley Bay Ice Rink
Monkseaton Hillheads Road-Railway Inn
Whitley Bay Park Avenue - Whitley Road
Whitley Bay Whitley Road-Clifton Terrace
Whitley Bay Park View-Park Gardens
Monkseaton Norham Road-Warkworth Avenue
Monkseaton Norham Road - Metro
Monkseaton Front Street - Coronation crescent
Monkseaton Front Street
Monkseaton Cauldwell Lane-Woodleigh Road
West Monkseaton Cauldwell Lane-Holmwood Avenue
West Monkseaton Earsdon Road-Eastfield Avenue
West Monkseaton Earsdon Road - Metro
West Monkseaton Red House Farm Sainsburys
West Monkseaton South Wellfield-Earsdon Road
Earsdon Road-Seaton House
Earsdon Road - Front Street
Holywell Village Nursery
Holywell Village Bank Top Farm
Holywell Village Milbourne Arms
Holywell Village Wylam Avenue
Westbourne Estate Tillmouth Avenue
Westbourne Estate Cheswick Road
Seaton Delaval Elsdon Avenue shops
Seaton Delaval Astley High School
Seaton Delaval Avenue Head Social Club
Seaton Delaval Delaval Avenue
Seaton Delaval Shulton's factory
Blake Town Burnlea Gardens
Blake Town Railway crossing
Blake Town Blake Arms
Seghill Chester Grove
Seghill Reid's Lane
Seghill County boundary
Annitsford Burradon Road - Fern Drive
Annitsford Front Street - The Spinney
Annitsford Front Street
Southfield Moor Farm roundabout
Northumberland Business Park Broad Law
Southfield Annitsford Church
Southfield Bay Horse
Southfield Collingwood Chase
Klondyke Playing fields
Klondyke Front Street
High Pit Village Road
High Pit Mayfield Avenue
High Pit Cornhill Road
Cramlington Telephone Exchange
Cramlington East West Link Road
Cramlington Dudley Lane Shops