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553 Wallsend to Regent Centre

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Gosforth Regent Centre Interchange
Wallsend Interchange
Battle Hill Drive-Birkdale Close
High Farm Mullen Avenue - Prospect Avenue North
Wallsend Prospect Avenue-Fitzsimmons Avenue
Wallsend Prospect Avenue-High View
Wallsend Prince Road
Wallsend Station Road-Queens Crescent
Wallsend Station Road-North Road
Wallsend Station Road -Town Centre
Wallsend High Street West
Wallsend High Street West-Lilac Road
Walkerville Shields Road-Firtree Avenue
Walkerville Shields Road-Briarwood Crescent
Walkergate Shields Road-Walker Grove
Walkergate Benfield Road - Appletree Gardens
Walkergate Benfield Road-Hospital
Walkergate Benfield Road-School
Heaton Benfield Road-Bosworth Gardens
Cochrane Park Red Hall Drive-Martello Gardens
Cochrane Park Etherstone Avenue
Cochrane Park Etherstone Avenue-Sports Ground
Cochrane Park Etherstone Avenue-Cemetery
High Heaton Benton Road-Craster Terrace
High Heaton
High Heaton Newton Road-Denewell Avenue
High Heaton Freeman Road-Hambledon Gardens
High Heaton Freeman Hospital
High Heaton Freeman Hospital Grounds
High Heaton Freeman Hospital
South Gosforth Freeman Road-Castle Farm Road
South Gosforth Freeman Road-Lilburn Gardens
South Gosforth Roundabout
South Gosforth Church Avenue-Church Road
Gosforth Church Avenue-Rectory Grove
Gosforth Church Road - Moor Road North
Gosforth Lansdowne Terrace
Gosforth Regent Centre Interchange

Map data ©2022
Map data ©2022
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