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53 Oswestry to Ellesmere

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Morda Marches School
St Martin's Rhyn Park School
Ellesmere Crossroads
Ellesmere Lakelands School
Ellesmere Stanham Drive Jct
Ellesmere Cherry Drive Jct
Elson Industrial Park
Dudleston Heath Fox Close
Dudleston Heath Eastwick Lane Jct
Dudleston Heath Parish Hall
Dudleston Heath Church Lane Jct
Criftins Crossroads
St Martin's Comet Cottage
Ifton Heath Halls Corner
Ifton Heath Methodist Church
Ifton Heath Post Office
Ifton Heath Ifton Miners Welfare
Ifton Heath No. 68
St Martin's Church Lane
St Martin's Beech Trees
St Martin's Moors Lane Jct
St Martin's Sarn Lane Junction
Gobowen Rhewl Lane Jct
Gobowen Perry Road Jct
Gobowen Ferndale Crescent
Gobowen Police Station
Gobowen Rowan Close
Gobowen Agnes Hunt
Park Hall Derwen College Entrance
Park Hall North Drive Jct
Park Hall Park Crescent Jct
Park Hall Artillery Road Jct
Park Hall Playing Fields
Park Hall British Telecom
Oswestry New Park Road Jct
Oswestry Coach Park
Oswestry Sainsbury's Shelter
Oswestry Bus Station
Morda Marches School

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