Bus route and timetables

526 Shelf or Hunger Hill to Halifax

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Halifax Town Centre Bus Station stand B1
Shelf Village Hall
Operated by Arriva
Shelf Halifax Road Bridle Stile
Shelf Halifax Road Sun Wood Ave
Shelf Halifax Rd Sun Wood Avenue
Shelf Brighouse & Denholme Gate Road Cross Ln
Shelf Whinney Royd Lane
Shelf Brighouse & Denholme Gate Rd Cross Ln
Queensbury Brighouse Road Jackson Hill Ln
Queensbury Hillcrest Rd Hillcrest Drive
Queensbury Hillcrest Road Hillcrest Ave
Queensbury Ridgeway Hillcrest Road
Queensbury Brighouse Road Ridgeway
Queensbury Brighouse Road Sandbeds
Queensbury High Street Brighouse Rd
Queensbury Chapel Street Cenotaph
Queensbury New Park Rd Ashbourne Cresc
Queensbury New Park Road Foxhill Grove
Queensbury Brighouse & Denholme Road Fleet Ln
Queensbury Mountain Mill Lane
Queensbury Brighouse & Denholme Road Old Guy Rd
Queensbury Green Ln Roper Lane
Bradshaw Green Ln Taylor Lane
Bradshaw Lane Upper Fold Farm
Bradshaw Harper Bower Farm
Bradshaw Elder Lea
Bradshaw Southlands Farm
The Golden Fleece Bradshaw Lane
Bradshaw Riley Lane Pavement Ln
Riley Lane Illingworth Rd
Illingworth School Lane Riley La
Illingworth School Lane The Fairway
Illingworth School Lane School Close
Illingworth School Lane Occupation La
Illingworth Tewit Lane
Illingworth Keighley Rd Natty Lane
Illingworth Keighley Rd Keighley Close
Illingworth Road Shops
Illingworth Moss Drive
Illingworth Alloe Field View
Illingworth Whitehill Road
Illingworth Whitehill Road
Illingworth Roundhill
Holmfield Roundhill Estate
Illingworth Roundhill
Illingworth Whitehill Road
Illingworth Moor Bottom Rd Fairlands Close
Illingworth Holdsworth Rd Riley Lane
Illingworth Holdsworth Rd Laurel Bank Close
Holmfield Holdsworth Road
Holmfield Holdsworth Road
Holmfield Shay Lane Ivy House PH
Holmfield Beechwood Rd Kingdom Hall
Holmfield St Andrews Church
Ovenden Beechwood Road Beechwood Dr
Ovenden Beechwood Rd Public Library
Illingworth Keighley Rd Beechwood Road
Ovenden Keighley Road Club Ln
Ovenden Keighley Rd Jubilee Street North
Ovenden Keighley Road Shay Ln
Ovenden Road Athol Mount
Ovenden Rd Old Lane
Lee Mount Ovenden Rd Lentilfield Street
Lee Mount Ovenden Rd Ovenden Way
Dean Clough Lee Bridge Shroggs Rd
Dean Clough Lee Bridge
Dean Clough
Dean Clough Cross Hills Northgate
Halifax Town Centre Northgate
Halifax Town Centre Bus Station stand B1

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Map data ©2021
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