Bus route and timetables

524 Wainstalls to Halifax

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Halifax Town Centre Bus Station stand A7
Wainstalls Terminus
Wainstalls Rd Tree Lane
Wainstalls Road
Wainstalls Mount Tabor Road Balkram Edge
Mixenden Clough Lane Hunter Hill Rd
Mixenden Clough Lane Hambleton Dr
Mixenden Clough Ln Clough Bank
Mixenden Clough Lane Hollins Ln
Mixenden Clough Lane Reservoir
Mixenden Clough Lane Hays Ln
Mixenden Mill Lane
Mixenden Ln Cobble Bank Farm
Mixenden Raw Lane Dudley Crescent
Illingworth Turner Ave North St Wilfreds Close
Illingworth Turner Ave North Furness Avenue
Illingworth Turner Avenue North
Illingworth Furness Drive Furness Grove
Illingworth Furness Drive West Bank
Illingworth Bank Edge Rd Furness Place
Illingworth Cousin Lane Bank Edge Rd
Ovenden Cousin Lane Club Ln
Ovenden Cousin Lane Page Hill
Ovenden Nursery Lane Top
Ovenden Nursery Lane Ridings High School
Ovenden Nursery Lane
Ovenden Nursery Lane Keighley Rd
Ovenden Keighley Road Shay Ln
Ovenden Road Athol Mount
Ovenden Rd Old Lane
Lee Mount Ovenden Rd Lentilfield Street
Lee Mount Ovenden Rd Ovenden Way
Halifax Town Centre Bus Station stand A7

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Map data ©2021
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