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52 Newcastle to Cramlington

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Newcastle upon Tyne Haymarket Bus Station
Ashington Bus Station
Ashington Laburnum Terrace
Ashington Bolsover Terrace
Ashington College Fifth Avenue
Ashington College Seventh Avenue
Elephant Public House
Elephant North Seaton Crossing
Stakeford Half Moon
Stakeford Lord Barrington
Stakeford Highways depot
Bomarsund Thornley Terrace
Bomarsund Earth Balance
Bedlington Station Red Row
Bedlington Station Welwyn Factory
Bedlington Station Clayton Arms
Bedlington Station St John's Road
Shankhouse roundabout
Shankhouse Durham Road
Shankhouse Eastlea School
Parkside Tavistock Walk
Parkside Glade
Cramlington East West Link Road
Cramlington Dudley Lane Shops
Cramlington Whitelea
Southfield Stonelaw
Southfield Glenluce Drive roundabout
Southfield Barns Park
Northumberland Business Park Dudley Lane
Dudley Lane-Northern Terrace
Dudley Lane-Grieves Row
Dudley Lane-Meadowbank
Dudley Weetslade Road - Southfields
Dudley Weetslade Road-Weetslade Crescent
Dudley Weetslade Road-Clarkes Terrace
Weetslade Road - Burradon Road
Burradon Road-Kirkwood
Burradon Road - Camperdown Hotel
Burradon Camperdown
Killingworth Station Road-Angus Close
Killingworth West Bailey - Angus Close
Killingworth West Bailey-School
Killingworth West Bailey-Garth 15
Killingworth Bus Station
Killingworth Southgate-School
Killingworth Southgate-Norgas House
West Moor Great Lime Road-Sheldon Court
West Moor Great Lime Road - Georgian Court
West Moor Benton Lane-Great Lime Road
West Moor Benton Lane-Findus
Benton Quorum Park Entrance
Benton Quorum Park
Quorum Park Benton Lane
Longbenton Benton Lane-Glenfield Road
Longbenton Benton Lane-Rushall Place
Four Lane Ends Interchange
Four Lane Ends Benton Park Road-Benton Lodge Avenue
Longbenton Benton Park Road-Trentham Avenue
Longbenton HMRC Benton Park View
South Gosforth Benton Park Road-The Cloisters
South Gosforth Roundabout
South Gosforth Freeman Road-Castle Dene School
High Heaton Freeman Hospital
High Heaton Freeman Road-Hambledon Gardens
High Heaton Newton Road-Football Ground
High Heaton Newton Road-Newton Place
High Heaton Newton Road-Weldon Crescent
Heaton Coast Road Corner House
Jesmond Cradlewell
Jesmond Vale Sandyford Road-Cemetery
Jesmond Vale Sandyford
Newcastle upon Tyne Sandyford Rd-Council Offices
Newcastle upon Tyne Sandyford Road-Civic Centre
Newcastle upon Tyne Haymarket St Mary's Place
Newcastle upon Tyne Haymarket Bus Station

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