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51/51A Newcastle to Whitley Bay

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Newcastle upon Tyne Haymarket Bus Station
Newcastle upon Tyne Haymarket St Mary's Place
Newcastle upon Tyne Northumbria University
Newcastle upon Tyne Sandyford Rd-Council Offices
Jesmond Vale Sandyford
Jesmond Vale Sandyford Road-Cemetery
Jesmond Vale Sandyford Road-Nazareth Mews
Jesmond Cradlewell
Heaton Coast Road Corner House
Heaton Coast Road-Benton Road
Cochrane Park Coast Road-Amberley Gardens
Cochrane Park Coast Road-Red Hall Drive
Wallsend Coast Road-Home Park
Hadrian Lodge Coast Road-Station Road Slip Road
Hadrian Lodge Wiltshire Gardens-Ashfield Gardens
Hadrian Lodge Wiltshire Gdns -Springfield Gdns
Hadrian Lodge Wiltshire Drive-Waltham Close
Hadrian Lodge Wiltshire Drive-Welwyn Drive
Hadrian Lodge Wiltshire Drive-Ribblesdale
Hadrian Lodge Wiltshire Drive - Rosedale
Hadrian Lodge Wiltshire Drive-Cotterdale
Hadrian Lodge Wiltshire Drive-Swaledale
Hadrian Lodge Wiltshire Drive-Farndale
Hadrian Lodge Station Road-Wiltshire Drive
Hadrian Lodge Station Road North-Hotspur Road
East Benton-Station Road North
Benton Station Road-Whitley Road
Benton Whitley Road-Car Mart
Benton Whitley Road - Asda
Holystone Whitley Road-Wesley Way
Whitley Road - Holystone Drive
Holystone Park
Holystone Francis Way
West Allotment Benton Road-Club
West Allotment Benton Road - Turner Street
West Allotment New York Road-Benton Road
Shiremoor Park Lane-New York Road
Shiremoor Park Lane-Boundry Mills
Shiremoor Park Lane-Brenkley Avenue
Shiremoor Park Lane-Park Grove
Park Lane - Shiremoor Metro
Shiremoor Park Lane-Upper Crone Street
Earsdon Garden Terrace
Earsdon Front Street
Earsdon Road-Seaton House
West Monkseaton Earsdon Road-Haddon Close
West Monkseaton Red House Farm Sainsburys
West Monkseaton Newsteads Drive-Fairways
West Monkseaton Newsteads Drive-Birkdale
West Monkseaton Newsteads Drive-Chathill Close
Whitley Bay Beaumont Drive -Haddington Road
Whitley Bay Beaumont Park
Whitley Bay Monkseaton Drive-Clifton Grove
Whitley Bay Woodburn Drive-St Martins Close
Whitley Bay Woodburn Drive-Grenville Way
Whitley Bay Woodburn Drive-St Lucia Close
Whitley Bay Whitley Lodge
Whitley Bay Whitley Lodge
Whitley Bay Claremont Road-Madeira Avenue
Whitley Bay Claremont Gardens
Whitley Bay Ilfracombe Gardens
Whitley Bay Park View-Marine Gardens
Whitley Bay Park View-Marden Road
Whitley Bay Whitley Road-Oxford Street
Whitley Bay Station Square - Metro
Whitley Bay Park Avenue - Whitley Road
Whitley Bay Whitley Road-Clifton Terrace

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