Bus route and timetables

502 Keighley to Halifax

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Halifax Town Centre Bus Station stand B1
Keighley Bus Station stand D
Keighley The Albert Hotel PH
Keighley South Street Goulbourne St
Knowle Park South Street King St
Knowle Park South St Woodhouse Road
Knowle Park South Street Rawling Street
South Street Ingrow West Station
Ingrow Halifax Rd Hainworth Lane
Ingrow Halifax Road Wesley Place
Ingrow Halifax Road Hermit Hole
Ingrow Halifax Rd Damems Lane
Ingrow Halifax Road The Whins
Cross Roads Halifax Road Lees Moor Farm
Cross Roads Halifax Rd Lingfield Drive
Cross Roads Halifax Road Bocking WMC
Halifax Rd Cross Roads Park
Cross Roads Halifax Rd Bingley Road
Flappit Spring Halifax Rd Private Road
Flappit Spring Halifax Rd Haworth Road
Flappit Spring Haworth Road Brown Hill Farm
Flappit Spring Haworth Road Springfield Farm
Cullingworth Haworth Road Coldspring House
Cullingworth Haworth Rd Turf Lane
Cullingworth Halifax Rd South Road
Cullingworth Halifax Road Post Office
Cullingworth War Memorial
Cullingworth Halifax Road Post Office
Cullingworth Halifax Rd South Road
Cullingworth Manywells Brow Ind Estate
Cullingworth Keighley Road Trough Ln
Cullingworth Keighley Rd Beech Drive
Denholme Keighley Rd Ogden Lane
Denholme Keighley Rd Foster Park Road
Denholme Main Rd Foster Park
Denholme New Rd Station Road
Denholme Main Rd Clock Lane
Denholme New Road
Halifax Road Denholme Gate
Denholme Halifax Road Brighouse Rd
Denholme Smithy Hill
Denholme Halifax Rd Cragg Lane
Denholme Halifax Rd Thornton Road
Ogden Causeway Foot Coal Lane
Causeway Foot Windmill Court Hotel
Ogden Keighley Road Syke Ln
Ogden Keighley Road Jane Green
Ogden Keighley Rd Rocks Lane
Ogden The Moorlands Inn
Illingworth Keighley Rd Blind Lane
Illingworth Pavement Lane Keighley Rd
Illingworth Pavement Ln Keighley Rd
Illingworth Pavement Lane Green Ln
Bradshaw Pavement Ln nr Riley Ln
Bradshaw Riley Lane Pavement Ln
Bradshaw Riley Ln Pavement Lane
Riley Lane Illingworth Rd
Illingworth Riley Ln Lindrick Way
Illingworth Riley Lane School Ln
Illingworth Riley Lane
Illingworth Riley Ln Valley Way
Illingworth Riley Lane Valley Wy
Illingworth Holdsworth Rd Riley Lane
Illingworth Holdsworth Rd Laurel Bank Close
Holmfield Holdsworth Road
Holmfield Holdsworth Road
Holmfield Shay Lane Ivy House PH
Holmfield Shay Lane Beechwood Rd
Holmfield Shay Lane Beechwood Rd
Holmfield Beechwood Rd Kingdom Hall
Holmfield Beechwood Rd Shay Ln
Holmfield St Andrews Church
Holmfield Beechwood Rd Beechwood Dr
Ovenden Beechwood Road Beechwood Dr
Ovenden Beechwood Rd Beechwood Gr
Ovenden Beechwood Rd Public Library
Illingworth Keighley Rd Beechwood Road
Ovenden Keighley Road Club Ln
Ovenden Keighley Rd Jubilee Street North
Ovenden Keighley Road Shay Ln
Ovenden Road Athol Mount
Ovenden Rd Old Lane
Lee Mount Ovenden Rd Lentilfield Street
Lee Mount Ovenden Rd Ovenden Way
Dean Clough Lee Bridge Shroggs Rd
Dean Clough Lee Bridge
Dean Clough
Dean Clough Cross Hills Northgate
Halifax Town Centre Northgate
Halifax Town Centre Northgate
Halifax Town Centre Bus Station stand B1

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Map data ©2021
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