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492 Birkenhead to Beechwood Circular

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Birkenhead Grange Road
Birkenhead Grange Road
Birkenhead Bus Station
Birkenhead Catherine Street
Birkenhead Cook Street
Birkenhead Oak Bank
Oxton Woodchurch Road
Oxton Lynn Bank
Oxton Columbia Road
Oxton Arnside Road
Oxton Beresford Road
Oxton Kingsmead Road
Oxton Shrewsbury Close
Claughton Tollemache Road
Claughton Upton Road
Birkenhead Park Bidston Avenue
Birkenhead Plumer Drive
Birkenhead Dundonald Street
Birkenhead Arkle Road
Bidston Challis Street
Bidston Hoblyn Road
Bidston Hurrell Road
Bidston Village Road
Bidston Eleanor Road
Beechwood Fender Way
Beechwood St Oswalds Avenue
Beechwood Bidston Green Drive
Beechwood Drive
Beechwood Fifth Avenue
Beechwood Third Avenue
Beechwood Second Avenue
Beechwood First Avenue
Noctorum Upton Station
Noctorum Beryl Road
Noctorum St Peters Way
Noctorum Ormond Way
Noctorum Westcott Way
Noctorum Moorfields Avenue
Noctorum Hogarth Drive
Oxton Hargrave Avenue
Oxton Flatt Lane
Oxton Bidston Road
Oxton Village Road
Oxton Hillside View
Oxton Rose Mount
Arno Hill Fairview Road
Prenton Moss Lane
Arno Hill Gorsefield Road
Arno Hill Heatherdale Close
Oxton South Hill Road
Birkenhead Town View
Birkenhead Grange View
Birkenhead Barton Street
Birkenhead Whetstone Lane
Birkenhead Clifton Crescent
Birkenhead Grange Road

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