Bus route

490 from Singlewell Mackenzie Way Shops to Dartford Prospect Place
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Dartford Prospect Place
Singlewell Mackenzie Way Shops
Singlewell Mackenzie Way
Singlewell Ifield Way
Gravesend Stanley Crescent
Gravesend Mike Spring Court
Kings Farm St Hilda's Way
Kings Farm St Patrick's Gardens
Kings Farm Winchester Crescent
Kings Farm Hillside Avenue
Kings Farm Lorton Close
Denton Old Road East
Denton Lion Garage
Denton Abbey Road
Denton St John's School
Milton Church Walk
Milton Albion Road
Gravesend Clock Tower
Gravesend King Street
Gravesend Railway Station
Gravesend Overcliffe
Gravesend Lennox Road
Northfleet Burch Road
Northfleet Fountain Walk
Northfleet Arriva Depot
Northfleet Rural Vale
Northfleet Malvern House
Northfleet Roman Catholic Church
Northfleet The Old Coach and Horses
Northfleet Council Avenue
Northfleet High Street
Northfleet The Hive
Northfleet Ebbsfleet Football Ground
Northfleet Taunton Road
Swanscombe The George and Dragon
Greenhithe Craylands Lane
Greenhithe Knockhall Road
Greenhithe The Avenue
Greenhithe St Clements Lakes
Bluewater Bus Station
Greenhithe St Clements Lakes
Stone Waterstone Park
Stone Winston Close
Horns Cross The Bull
Horns Cross Elm Road
Dartford The Welsh Tavern
Dartford The Brent School
Dartford Milestone Road
Dartford Brentfield Road
Dartford St Vincents Road
Dartford Park Road
Dartford Livingstone Hospital
Dartford Home Gardens
Dartford Prospect Place

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Map data ©2021