Bus route

483 from Gravesend Mungo Park Road to Bluewater Bus Station
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Bluewater Bus Station
Gravesend Mungo Park Road
Christian Fields Avenue
Christian Fields Ash Road
Kings Farm Elm Road
Kings Farm Kings Drive
Kings Farm Sun Lane
Kings Farm Malvina Avenue
Kings Farm Echo Square
Gravesend Constitution Hill
Gravesend William Street
Gravesend Railway Station
Gravesend Pelham Road Medical Centre
Northfleet Lennox Road East
Northfleet Pelham Road Shops
Perry Street The Rose
Perry Street All Saints Church
Northfleet Library
Northfleet Riversdale
Northfleet Ladyfields
Northfleet Oaklands Road
Northfleet Kemsley Close
Northfleet Durndale Lane
Northfleet Nightingale Close
Northfleet Greendale Walk
Northfleet Rowmarsh Close
Northfleet The Painters Ash
Northfleet Painters Ash Lane
Northfleet Hall Road
Northfleet Pepper Hill Sainsbury's
Northfleet Orchard Road
Northfleet Springhead Enterprise Park
Northfleet Springhead Road
Ebbsfleet International Railway Station
Bluewater Bus Station