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44 Newcastle to Dinnington

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Newcastle upon Tyne Haymarket Bus Station
Dinnington Front Street
Dinnington Main Road-Horton Crescent
Dinnington Brunton Lane-Havannah Crescent
Hazlerigg Coach Lane-Dinnington Road
Hazlerigg Coach Lane-Havannah Works
Hazlerigg Coach Lane-Woodlands
Hazlerigg Coach Lane-Morley Hill Farm
Hazlerigg Havannah Park
Hazlerigg Coach Lane - Lola Street
Hazlerigg Coach Lane-Ryall Avenue
Hazlerigg Coach Lane-School
Hazlerigg Coach Lane-Rydal Terrace
Wideopen Great North Road-Church
Gosforth Newcastle Racecourse
Gosforth Great North Road-Glamis Avenue
Gosforth Great North Road-Norwood Avenue
Gosforth Brunton Park
Gosforth Great North Road-Three Mile Inn
Gosforth Great North Road-Broadway East
Gosforth Great North Road-Park Avenue
Gosforth Regent Centre Interchange
Gosforth Lansdowne Terrace
Gosforth High Street - S Cross Street
Gosforth High Street-Rosewood Terrace
Gosforth High Street-The Grove
Gosforth Great North Road-Moorfield
West Jesmond Great North Road-Blue House
West Jesmond Great North Road-Forsyth Road
West Jesmond Great North Road-Mooracres
Newcastle upon Tyne Great North Rd-Brandling Pk
Newcastle upon Tyne Haymarket Barras Bridge
Newcastle upon Tyne Haymarket Bus Station

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