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42 York to Drax

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York Rail Station
Drax Castle Hill Lane
Drax Council Houses
Drax Cotswold Lodge
Drax Power Station Entrance
Camblesforth English Salad Growers
Camblesforth Grange Road
Camblesforth Croft Road
Camblesforth Mill Lane
Camblesforth Village Hall
Camblesforth Poplar Tree Farm
Camblesforth Second Barlow Lane
Barlow Station Cottages
Barlow Mill House Farm
Barlow Police House
Barlow Village Green
Barlow Toad Hall
Barlow Hunters Walk
Barlow Hunters Walk
Barlow Toad Hall
Barlow Village Green
Barlow Police House
Barlow Lodge Farm
Barlow Commonside Farm
Barlow Prospect Villas
Brayton Lane End
Selby Abbot's Road Jct
Selby Canal Bridge
Selby Reginald Terrace
Selby Bus Stn Stand 4
Selby Audus Street
Selby Leisure Centre
Selby Flaxley Shops
Selby Mormon Church
Selby Hutchinson Street
Selby Haig Street
Selby Cockret Road
Selby Coultish Centre
Selby Carentan Close
Selby Yew Tree Close
Selby Monk Lane
Selby The Bungalow
Wistow Wesleyan Chapel
Wistow Greenways Court
Cawood Lincroft House
Cawood Nickey Nackey Lane
Cawood The Castle Inn
Cawood Cornmill Close
Cawood Castle Gatehouse
Kelfield The Grey Horse
Kelfield The Old School House
Kelfield Moor End
Stillingfleet Cross Keys Inn
Stillingfleet Village Hall
Stillingfleet Moreby Hall
Naburn Grange
Naburn Lock
Naburn Grange Garth
Naburn Front Street
Naburn Howden Dike
Fulford Naburn Lane
Fulford Pasture Farm Close
Fulford Main Street
Fulford Church
Fulford Road Broadway West
Fulford Road Imphal Barracks
Fulford Road Alma Terrace
York Howard Street
York Edinburgh Arms
York Ryedale Building
York Piccadilly
York Piccadilly
York Low Ousegate
York Rougier Street
York Station Road
York Rail Station

Map data ©2021
Map data ©2021
Map Data
Map data ©2021

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