Bus route

414A from Wilmington Academy to South Darenth The Jolly Millers

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South Darenth The Jolly Millers
Wilmington Academy
Wilmington Grammar School for Girls
Wilmington Parsons Lane
Dartford Motors
Dartford Havelock Road South
Dartford Somerset Road
Dartford Girls' Grammar School
Dartford Boys' Grammar School
Dartford West Hill
Dartford Priory Hill
Dartford Home Gardens
Dartford Holy Trinity Church
Dartford Lowfield Street
Dartford Cranford Road
Dartford The Orange Tree
Wilmington Powder Mill Lane
Wilmington Warren Road
Wilmington Claremont Cottages
Hawley Kitchen
Hawley Manor
Hawley Shirehall Road
Hawley Garden Centre
Sutton At Hone Sutton Corner
Sutton At Hone Primary School
Sutton At Hone Balmoral Road
Sutton At Hone Ship Lane
South Darenth Doctor's Surgery
South Darenth Mallys Place
South Darenth Shrubbery Road
South Darenth Gorringe Avenue
South Darenth Southdowns Church
South Darenth The Jolly Millers