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410 New Brighton to Clatterbridge Hospital

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Clatterbridge Hosp Outpatients
New Brighton Morrisons
New Brighton Cressingham Road
New Brighton Seabank Road
New Brighton Fern Hill
New Brighton Princess Road
Liscard Penkett Road
Liscard Zig Zag Road
Liscard Mortuary Road
Liscard Egerton Grove
Liscard Monk Road
Liscard Dominick House
Liscard Rullerton Road
Liscard Eric Road
Liscard Thorncliffe Road
Liscard Love Lane
Poulton Road
Poulton Gorsedale Road
Poulton Dock Road
Birkenhead Corporation Road
St Anne Birkenhead Park Station
Birkenhead Park Livingtone Street
Birkenhead Park Trinity Street
Birkenhead Park Paterson Street
Birkenhead Park Bentinck Street
Birkenhead Cardigan Avenue
Birkenhead Elm Street
Birkenhead Market Street
Woodside Hamilton Square Station
Woodside Interchange
Woodside Hamilton Square Station
Birkenhead Argyle Street
Birkenhead Bus Station
Birkenhead Grange Road East
Tranmere Birkenhead Central Station
Tranmere Argyle Street South
Tranmere Green Lane Station
Mersey Park Sidney Road
Mersey Park Southwick Road
Mersey Park St Pauls Road
Rock Ferry Grove Road
Rock Ferry Byrne Avenue
Rock Ferry Birkett Road
Rock Ferry Rock Lane West
Rock Ferry Woodland Road
Higher Bebington Town Lane
Higher Bebington College Drive
Bebington Station
Bebington Parkside Road
Lower Bebington The Grove
Lower Bebington Civic Way
Lower Bebington The Wiend
Stanton Quarry Road East
Bebington Parkfield Road
Bebington Beechway
Old Clatterbridge Road
Clatterbridge M53
Clatterbridge Hospital
Clatterbridge Hosp Outpatients

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