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407 Liverpool to West Kirby

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Liverpool Castle Street
West Kirby Station
West Kirby Lingdale Road
West Kirby West Lodge Drive
West Kirby Graham Road
West Kirby Winnington Road
Hoylake Morpeth Road
Hoylake Station
Hoylake Alderley Road
Hoylake Shaw Street
Hoylake Manor Road Station
Sandhey Bertram Drive
Meols Bertram Drive
Meols Brosters Lane
Meols Station
Meols Barn Hey Crescent
Carr Houses Greenfield Kennels
Moreton Millhouse Lane
Moreton Carr House Lane
Moreton Rosewood Drive
Moreton Millhouse Lane
Moreton Burden Road
Moreton MacDonald Road
Moreton Meadowbrook Road
Moreton Joan Avenue
Moreton Rosslyn Drive
Moreton Knutsford Road
Moreton Chapelhill Road
Moreton Danger Lane
Moreton Reeds Lane
Bidston Station
Bidston Compton Road
Bidston Hurrell Road
Bidston Gautby Road
Bidston Egan Road
Birkenhead Miriam Place
Birkenhead Connaught Way
Birkenhead Brassey Street
Birkenhead Park Morley Avenue
Birkenhead Park Asquith Avenue
Birkenhead Park Livingtone Street
Birkenhead Park Trinity Street
Birkenhead Park Watson Street
Birkenhead Bus Station
Liverpool Hood street
Liverpool Crosshall Street
Liverpool Derby Square
Liverpool Castle Street

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