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4/4A Leegomery to Madeley

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Madeley Centre
Leegomery Apley Wood School
Leegomery Halifax Drive
Leegomery Aintree Close
Leegomery Millstream Way
Leegomery Chockleys Meadow
Leegomery Hurleybrook Way
Leegomery Acacia Drive
Leegomery Leicester Way
Leegomery Heatherdale
Leegomery Teresa Way
Leegomery Princess Royal Hospital
Wellington Charlton School
Wellington Vineyard Road
Wellington Bus Station
Wellington Constitution Hill
Wellington School Court
Wellington Princes Street
Wellington Cock Hotel
Wellington Whitehouse Hotel
Wellington Bennetts Bank
Ketley Horseshoes
Ketley Copper Beech Road
Ketley Shropshire Star
Ketley White Lion
Ketley Shepherds Lane
Ketley Quarry Lane
Oakengates Beveley Road
Oakengates Cartlidge House
Oakengates Market Street
Oakengates Bus Station
Oakengates Hancock's Drive
Oakengates Greyhound Island
Oakengates Central Park
Priorslee Roundabout
Priorslee Fitness First
Telford Town Centre Telford Central
Telford Town Centre Matheson House
Telford Town Centre Bus Station
Telford Town Centre International Centre
Randlay Telford Town Park
Randlay Brands Farm Way
Randlay Mill Farm Drive
Randlay Abbey Fields
Stirchley Churncote
Stirchley Churchway
Woodside Willowfield
Woodside Woodrows
Woodside Park Lane
Woodside The Saplings
Woodside Warrensway
Woodside Wyvern
Woodside Abraham Darby School
Woodside Lees Farm Roundabout
Woodside Waltondale
Woodside Wellsfield
Madeley Court Centre
Madeley St Marys School
Madeley Station Road
Madeley St. Marys Church
Madeley Centre

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