Bus route

37A from Northwich Interchange Stand F to Sandbach Common

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Sandbach Common
Northwich Interchange Stand F
Northwich Railway Arch
Northwich Bowling Green Inn
Leftwich Sir John Deane's College
Kingsmead Monarch Drive
Kingsmead Kingfisher Roundabout
Kingsmead Shavington Way
Kingsmead Bridgemere Way
Kingsmead Eddisbury Way
Kingsmead Sproston Way
Kingsmead The Kingfisher
Davenham Prospect Drive
Davenham Charles Avenue
Davenham Fountain Court
Davenham Whittington Gardens
Mere Heath London Road
Mere Heath Fairholme Road
Moulton Beehive Corner
Wharton Green Industrial Estate Roundabout
Wharton Green Morrisons Distribution Centre
Wharton Gardens
Wharton Gowy Walk
Wharton Dart Walk
Wharton Willow Wood School
Wharton Christ Church
Wharton Road
Wharton Ledward Street
Winsford Town Bridge
Winsford Siddon Street
Winsford Asda
Winsford Guildhall
Winsford Siddon Street
Winsford Town Bridge
Wharton Kingsway
Wharton Rookery Rise
Wharton Princes Feathers
Wharton Nun House Drive
Winsford Railway Station
Clive Road One
Clive Stores
Clive Seaton Street
Stanthorne Crossroads
Middlewich St Michael's Way
Middlewich Waters Edge Medical Centre
Middlewich British Legion
Middlewich Long Lane South
Middlewich Cledford Turnpike
Middlewich Cledford Bridge
Middlewich Kinderton Arms PH
Middlewich Salt Factory
Middlewich Tetton Cottages
Middlewich Air Products
Stud Green Albion Lock
Stud Green Dragon's Lane
Elworth Mill Lane
Elworth Railway Station
Elworth Primary School
Elworth Co-op
Sandbach Park Lane
Sandbach High School
Sandbach Dental Surgery
Sandbach Common