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Bus route

37 from Guildford Friary Bus Station to Guildford Friary Bus Station

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Guildford Friary Bus Station
Guildford Friary Bus Station
Guildford Library
Guildford Jenner Road
Guildford Waterden Road
Guildford Albury Road North
Guildford St Omer Road
Guildford Gateways
Merrow Boxgrove Road
Merrow High Path Road
Merrow Levylsdene
Merrow Wykeham Road
Merrow Sheeplands Avenue
Bushy Hill Finches Rise
Merrow Great Goodwin Drive
Merrow Community Centre
Bushy Hill Drive
Merrow Sheeplands Avenue
Merrow Wykeham Road
Merrow Church
Merrow Partridge Way
Merrow Kingfisher Drive Shops
Merrow Baldwin Crescent
Merrow Greenhill Gardens
Merrow Fitzjohn Close
Merrow Lane
Burpham New Inn Lane
Burpham Glendale Drive
Burpham Winterhill Way
Burpham Bowers Farm Drive
Burpham Sainsbury's
Burpham Shops
Burpham Woodruff Avenue
Burpham Elder Close
Burpham Banks Way
Burpham Sutherland Drive
Abbotswood Ganghill
Guildford Elgin Gardens
Guildford Avonmore Avenue
Guildford Ennismore Avenue
Guildford London Road Railway Station
Guildford G Live
Guildford Library
Guildford Friary Bus Station