Bus route and timetables

362 Chorley to Wigan

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Chorley Town Centre Bus Station
Wigan Bus Station
Operated by Arriva
Wigan Market Hall
Wigan River Way
Wigan Infirmary Swinley Road
Wigan Infirmary Clifton Crescent
Wigan Infirmary Royal Albert Edward Infirmary
Whitley Milton Grove
Whitley Woodfield School
Whitley Ludovic Terrace
Standish Old Lane
Standish Reservoir
Standish Mere Oaks
Boars Head
Boars Head Greenways
Boars Head Coniston Park Drive
Boars Head Roundmoor Road
Standish Almond Crescent
Standish Prospect Lodge
Standish Police Station
Standish Avondale Street
Standish James Square
Standish Primrose Lane
Standish Kenyon Road
Langtree Pepper Lane
Langtree Chadwick Farm
Langtree New Seven Stars
Coppull Moor Preston Road
Coppull Moor Amelies Restaurant
Coppull Moor Glover Road
Coppull Moor Methodist Church
Coppull Moor Oak Tree
Coppull Tansley Avenue
Coppull Bentham Street
Coppull South Road
Coppull Lancaster Street
Coppull Clancutt Lane Roundabout
Birkacre Sharratts Path
Birkacre Road
Birkacre Liptrott Road
Collingwood Road All Saints CEPS
Collingwood Road Weldbank Lane
Collingwood Road Coventry Street
Collingwood Road Lupton Street
Chorley Town Centre Hamilton Road
Chorley Town Centre George Street
Chorley Town Centre Railway Station
Chorley Town Centre Bus Station