Bus route and timetables

356 Huddersfield to Longwood

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Longwood Dodlee Bank
Huddersfield Town Centre Bus Station stand X
Operated by Arriva
Huddersfield Town Centre Manchester Rd Kirklees College
Huddersfield Town Centre Bankfield Road
Longroyd Bridge Manchester Rd Longroyd Lane
Market Street Paddock Foot
Paddock Brow Rd
Paddock Church Street Speedwell St
Paddock Church Street South View
Church Street Paddock Head
Paddock Longwood Road Lowergate
Paddock Longwood Rd Quarmby Road
Paddock Longwood Rd Harp Road
Longwood Vicarage Rd Meg Lane
Longwood Thornhill Road Bull Green Rd
Longwood Gate Prospect Road
Longwood Gate
Longwood Gate Edge Terrace
Longwood Dodlee Bank

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Map data ©2021
Map Data
Map data ©2021