Bus route

35 from Camberley Pembroke Broadway to Guildford Friary Bus Station

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Guildford Friary Bus Station
Camberley Pembroke Broadway
Camberley Heathcote Road
Camberley Shalbourne Rise
Camberley Belton Road
Camberley Connaught Road
Camberley Ravenswood Drive
Camberley Iberian Way
Camberley Gibbet Lane
Camberley Hillcrest Road
Camberley Collingwood Grange Close
Bagshot Pennyhill Park
Bagshot Waterers Way
Bagshot Square
Bagshot Green
Lightwater The Avenue
Lightwater The Avenue
Lightwater Stonehill Road
Lightwater Badger Drive
Lightwater Clearsprings
Lightwater Lovells Close
Lightwater War Memorial
Lightwater Blackstroud Lane West
West End Gordon's School
West End The Inn
West End Fellow Green
Bisley Oldhouse Lane
Bisley School Close
Bisley Hen and Chickens
Bisley Arethusa Way
Bisley Queens Road
Bisley Foxleigh Grange
Knaphill Limecroft Road
Knaphill Chobham Road
Knaphill Oak Tree Road
Knaphill Sainsbury's
Knaphill Cavell Way
Knaphill Alexandra Place
Knaphill The Vyne Health Centre
Knaphill Shops
Knaphill Queen's Road
Knaphill Northwood Avenue
Knaphill Queenswood Road
Knaphill The Surrey
St Johns Raglan Road
St Johns Crematorium
St Johns Health Centre
St Johns Co-op
St Johns St James Close
St Johns St John's Rise
Woking The Triangle
Woking Bridge Barn Lane
Woking Kingsway
Woking Town Quay
Woking Victoria Way
Woking Board School Road
Woking Railway Station
Woking High Street Link Road
Woking York Road
Woking Consort Court
Woking United Reform Church
Woking Twin Bridges
Woking Wych Hill
Woking West Hill
Woking Acacia Avenue
Woking Almond Avenue
Mayford The Bird in Hand
The Mayford Arms
Mayford Maybourne Rise
Sutton Green Whitmoor Lane
Jacobs Well Stringer's Avenue
Jacobs Well White House Lane
Slyfield Green Woodlands Road
Slyfield Green Parrot Court
Slyfield Green Old Farm Road
Bellfields School Close
Bellfields Stoke Bridges
Guildford College
Guildford Queen's Road
Guildford Library
Guildford Friary Bus Station