Bus route

32A from Moss Bank Loughrigg Avenue to Clock Face Gorsey Lane
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Moss Bank Loughrigg Avenue
Moss Bank Ambleside Place
Carr Mill Hawes Avenue
Carr Mill Eskdale Avenue
Moss Bank Bowness Avenue
Moss Bank Eskdale Avenue
Carr Mill Buttermere Avenue
Moss Bank Lorton Avenue
Moss Bank Victoria Avenue
Green Leach The Brooks
Gerards Bridge Rivington Avenue
Gerards Bridge Mansion House
St Helens Oldfield Street
St Helens Lord Street
St Helens Crab Street
St Helens Baldwin Street
St Helens Claughton Street
St Helens Bus Station
St Helens Exchange Street
St Helens Market Street
St Helens St Marys Market
St Helens Todd Road
Peasley Cross Parr Street
Peasley Cross St Helens Retail Park
Peasley Cross Hunter Street
Peasley Cross Manville Street
Sutton St Helens Hospital
Sutton Kinmel Street
Sutton Baxters Lane
Sutton Highfield Street
Sutton Olga Road
Sutton Rebecca Gardens
Sutton Holbrook Close
Marshalls Cross Mill Lane
Sutton Leach Humber Crescent
Sutton Leach Catterall Avenue
Sutton Leach Ridgewood Drive
Sutton Enford Drive
Sutton Lakemoor Close
Sutton Leach Gerards Lane
Sutton Leach Wheatsheaf Avenue
Sutton Leach The Beeches
Sutton Leach Taunton Avenue
Clock Face Leach Lane
Clock Face Tunstalls Way
Clock Face Field Road
Clock Face James Street
Clock Face Gorsey Lane
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