Bus route and timetables

321/323/324 Huddersfield to Meltham

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Huddersfield Town Centre Bus Station stand P
Operated by Arriva
Huddersfield Town Centre Peel Street
Huddersfield Town Centre Chapel Hill Chapel Street
Huddersfield Town Centre Chapel Hill Colne Road
Lockwood Rd Albert Street
Lockwood Rd Summer Street
Lockwood Rd Mount Street
Lockwood Rd Bridge Street
Lockwood Meltham Rd Bentley Street
Lockwood Meltham Rd Railway Bridge
Lockwood Meltham Rd Cricket Ground
Lockwood Meltham Road Cemetery
Netherton Meltham Rd Armitage Road
Netherton Meltham Rd Butternab Road
Netherton Meltham Rd Delph Lane
Netherton Moor Lane New St
Netherton Coppice Drive Lightenfield Ln
Netherton Coppice Drive Pine Court
Netherton Coppice Drive Rowan Ave
Netherton Coppice Drive Orchid Grove
Netherton Coppice Dr Lavender Court
Netherton Falconers Ride Kingfisher Grove
Netherton Falconers Ride Hawkroyd Bank Road
Netherton Hawroyd Bank Road
Netherton Moor Lane Bourn View Rd
Netherton Moor Lane Moor Cottage Close
Netherton Delph Ln Moor Lane
Netherton Moor Lane Crescent Rd
Netherton Moor Lane South Crosland School
Netherton Meltham Rd Chapel St
Netherton Meltham Rd Church Lane
Netherton Huddersfield Road Crosland Spring Ln
Netherton Huddersfield Road Crosland Factory Ln
Meltham Huddersfield Road Bent Ley Farm
Meltham Huddersfield Rd Bent Ley Road
Huddersfield Rd Meltham Mills Road
Meltham Huddersfield Rd Scout HQ
Meltham Huddersfield Rd Bishops Way
Meltham Huddersfield Rd Clifton Lane
Meltham Market Place
Meltham Morrisons Supermarket
Meltham Mean Lane
Meltham Broadlands Road