Bus route and timetables

31E Leicester to Oadby

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Leicester Haymarket Bus Station
Leicester Charles Street
Leicester Rail Station
Leicester Prebend Street
Leicester Saxby Street
Leicester Granville Road
Clarendon Park St James Road
Stoneygate Elmfield Avenue
Clarendon Park St Johns Road
Stoneygate Toller Road
Leicester Knighton Road
Stoneygate Guildford Road
Stoneygate Shirley Road
Stoneygate Holbrook Road
Oadby Glebe Road
Oadby Meadowcourt Road
Oadby Multiyork Furnishers
Oadby East Street
Oadby Chapel Street
Oadby Alexandra Court
Oadby The Wheel Inn
Oadby London Road
Oadby Launde Primary School
Oadby Fairfield Road
Oadby Derwent Walk
Oadby Hursley Close
Oadby Meynell Close
Oadby Poachers Place
Oadby Beaufort Way
Oadby Grange Farm
Oadby Florence Wragg Way
Oadby Park Crescent
Oadby Kew Drive
Oadby St James Close
Oadby Beauchamp College