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306 Newcastle to Tynemouth

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Tynemouth Grand Parade
Tynemouth Grand Parade-Parkside
Tynemouth Grand Parade - Hotspur Street
Tynemouth Village
Tynemouth Percy Park Road-Warkworth Terrace
Tynemouth Percy Park Road
Tynemouth Village
Tynemouth Manor Road-King Edward Road
Tynemouth King Edward Road-Mariners Lane
North Shields Linskill Terrace-Washington Tce
North Shields Linskill Terrace-Jackson Street
North Shields Linskill Terrace-Grey Street
North Shields Northumberland Square
North Shields Preston Road-Hospital
North Shields Queen Alexandra Road
North Shields Queen Alexandra College
North Shields Regency Gardens
Billy Mill Coast Road - Glanton Road
West Chirton Coast Road-Norham Road South
Silverlink Shopping Park
Howdon Willington Square
Battle Hill Tyne Met College
Battle Hill Drive-Bodmin Close
Battle Hill-Belmont Close
Battle Hill Coast Way Shopping Centre
Battle Hill Drive-Bellingham Close
Battle Hill Drive-Broomfield Avenue
Wallsend High Farm
Wallsend Coast Road-Station Road
Wallsend Coast Road-Devonshire Gardens
Heaton Coast Road-Benfield Road
Heaton Coast Road-St Albans Crescent
Heaton Stephenson Road-Chillingham Road
Heaton Coast Road Corner House
Jesmond Cradlewell
Jesmond Vale Sandyford Road-Cemetery
Jesmond Vale Sandyford
Newcastle upon Tyne Sandyford Rd-Council Offices
Newcastle upon Tyne Sandyford Road-Civic Centre
Newcastle upon Tyne Haymarket St Mary's Place
Newcastle upon Tyne Haymarket Bus Station

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