Bus route

28 Guildford to Knaphill

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Knaphill Sainsbury's
Guildford Friary Bus Station
Guildford Cricket Ground
Guildford Recreation Road
Guildford Woodbridge Retail Park
Guildford Woodbridge Meadows
Woodbridge Hill
Woodbridge Hill Percy Road
Stoughton Barrack Road
Stoughton Sheepfold Road
Stoughton Bryanstone Avenue
Stoughton Rosemary Crescent
Pitch Place
Worplesdon Salt Box Road
Worplesdon The Old School House
Worplesdon Coombe Lane
Worplesdon Village Hall
Worplesdon Rickford Common
Bullswater Common Fox Corner
Bullswater Common Hockford Close
Bullswater Common Road
Stanford Common
Pirbright Swallow Corner
Pirbright White Hart
Pirbright School Lane
Pirbright Brookwood Memorial
Brookwood Caterham Close
Pirbright Camp Manor Crescent
Pirbright Camp Slade Road
Brookwood Railway Arch
Brookwood Church Close
Brookwood Railway Station
Brookwood School
Brookwood Crossroads
Knaphill The Nag's Head Inn
Knaphill Sainsbury's