Bus route

28/28B Hockwell Ring to Luton

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Luton Station Interchange
Bury Park Kenilworth Road
Bury Park Birch Link
Bury Park Selbourne Road
Biscot Saxon Road
Biscot Tudor Road
Saints Millfield Road
Saints Avenue Grimaldi
Leagrave Waller Avenue
Leagrave Roman Road
Leagrave Archway Road
Leagrave Hewlett Road
Leagrave Railway Station
Leagrave Browns Close
Leagrave The Avenue
Leagrave Sundon Arch
Tophill Andover Close
Tophill Montague Avenue
Tophill Anstee Road
Tophill Sedgwick Road
Chalton Vauxhall Warehouse
Chalton Sundon Road
Tophill Sedgwick Road
Tophill Needham Road
Tophill Pirton Hill School
Tophill Pirton Hill School
Hockwell Ring Hunston Close
Hockwell Ring Pond Close
Hockwell Ring Wolfsburg Court
Hockwell Ring The Green Shops

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