Bus route

262 from Huddersfield Town Centre Bus Station to Brighouse Bus Station
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Brighouse Bus Station
Huddersfield Town Centre Bus Station
Operated by Arriva
Huddersfield Town Centre High Street
Huddersfield Town Centre Peel Street
Huddersfield Town Centre Queensgate
Huddersfield Town Centre Queensgate
Aspley St Andrews Road
Aspley Wakefield Rd Carr Pit Road
Aspley Wakefield Rd Smithy Lane
Moldgreen Wakefield Rd Chapel Lane
Moldgreen Wakefield Rd Broad Lane
Dalton Grosvenor Rd Wakefield Road
Dalton Grosvenor Rd Kingston Avenue
Dalton Grosvenor Rd Eton Avenue
Dalton Grosvenor Road Teddington Ave
Dalton Grosvenor Rd White Rose Avenue
Albany Road Dalton Green Ln
Dalton Kirkwood Hospice
Dalton Crossley Lane
Kirkheaton School Lane Cemetery
Kirkheaton St Marys Ln St Andrews Drive
Kirkheaton New Rd Bankfield Lane
Kirkheaton New Road Willowbank Grove
Kirkheaton New Road Ryedale
Upper Heaton New Rd Upr Heaton Lane
Upper Heaton Moorside Rd Deganwy Drive
Kirkheaton Moor Side Rd Heaton Drive
Kirkheaton Moor Side Rd Town Road
Kirkheaton Terminus
Kirkheaton Heaton Moor Road Heaton Ave
Kirkheaton Heaton Moor Road Pennine View
Upper Hopton Highgate Lane Cockley Hill Ln
Upper Hopton Bellstring Lane Hopton Hall Ln
Upper Hopton Hopton Hall Lane Elmwood Close
Upper Hopton Jackroyd Lane Hopton Hall Ln
Upper Hopton Jackroyd Lane Cricket Club
Upper Hopton Hopton Lane Hopton Ave
Upper Hopton Hopton Ln Hopton Hall Lane
Lower Hopton Hopton Lane Briery Grove
Lower Hopton Calder Road Granny Ln
Lower Hopton Calder Road Johnson St
Mirfield Newgate Huddersfield Road
Mirfield Huddersfield Road
Mirfield Knowl Rd Town Hall Street
Mirfield Knowl Rd St Pauls Road
Mirfield Ing Grove Park Huddersfield Road
Mirfield Huddersfield Road Ings Grove Park
Mirfield Huddersfield Rd Wilson Terrace
Mirfield Huddersfield Rd Stocks Bank Road
Mirfield Huddersfield Rd Back Lane
Mirfield Huddersfield Rd The Clough
Mirfield Huddersfield Rd Coppin Hall Lane
Mirfield Huddersfield Rd Leeds Road
Cooper Bridge Wakefield Road
Cooper Bridge Wakefield Rd Scrap Yard
Cooper Bridge Robin Hoods Cottage
Cooper Bridge Old Corn Mill
Brighouse Wakefield Rd Coal Pit Lane
Brighouse Wakefield Rd Locksley Road
Brighouse Wakefield Rd Sherwood Road
Brighouse Wakefield Rd Grove Street
Brighouse Wakefield Rd Wood Street
Brighouse Bus Station

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