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26 Liverpool Sheil Road Circular

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Liverpool ONE Bus Station
Liverpool ONE Bus Station
Liverpool James Street Station
Liverpool North John Street
Everton Great Richmond Street
Kirkdale Virgil Street
Everton Wilbraham Street
Everton Buckingham Street
Everton Boundary Street East
Kirkdale Smith Street
Kirkdale Vale
Anfield Blessington Road
Anfield Liverpool FC
Anfield Houlding Street
Cabbage Hall Little Heyes Street
Belmont Road Breck Road
Belmont Road Castlewood Road
Newsham Park Rocky Lane
Newsham Park Penlinken Drive
Kensington Huntly Road
Kensington Phillmore Road
Kensington Deane Road
Kensington Toft Street
Kensington Crosfield Road
Edge Hill Station
Edge Hill Widney Close
Toxteth Yanwath Street
Toxteth Boswell Street
Toxteth Lime Grove
Princes Park Croxteth Road
Toxteth High Park Street
Toxteth North Hill Street
Windsor Luke Street
Toxteth Park Road
Toxteth Hill Street
Toxteth Stanhope Street
Liverpool Brick Street
Liverpool Sparling Street
Liverpool Forrest Street
Liverpool ONE Bus Station

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