Bus route

254 from Dewsbury Bus Station to Leeds City Centre Bus Stn
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Leeds City Centre Bus Stn
Dewsbury Bus Station
Dewsbury Huddersfield Rd Watergate Road
Scout Hill Huddersfield Rd Thornhill Road
Scout Hill Huddersfield Road Thornville Walk
Scout Hill Huddersfield Rd Ravenshouse Road
Dewsbury Moor Ravenshouse Road Dewsbury Cemetery
Dewsbury Moor Ravenshouse Rd Pilgrim Avenue
Dewsbury Moor Low Rd Beckett Lane
Dewsbury Moor Low Rd Groves Hall Road
Dewsbury Moor Heckmondwike Rd Brook Street
Dewsbury Moor Heckmondwike Rd School Lane
Dewsbury Moor Heckmondwike Rd Knowles Hill Road
Dewsbury Moor Heckmondwike Rd Moor End Lane
Heckmondwike Walkley Lane Walkley Ter
Heckmondwike Walkley Lane Artillery St
Heckmondwike Market Street
Heckmondwike Hub
Heckmondwike Westgate
Liversedge Flush Vernon Road
Liversedge Halifax Rd Huddersfield Road
Liversedge Halifax Rd Valley Road
Liversedge Halifax Rd Headlands Road
Liversedge Halifax Road Knowler Hill
Liversedge Halifax Road The Shears PH
Liversedge Halifax Rd Gray Street
Hightown Halifax Road Laverhills
Hightown Halifax Rd Hare Park Lane
Hightown Halifax Rd Springfield Terrace
Hightown First Avenue Halifax Rd
Hightown Third Ave Eleventh Avenue
Hightown Third Avenue Eighth Ave
Hightown Windy Bank Second Avenue
Hightown Windy Bank Lane Sixth Ave
Hightown Windy Bank Lane Tanner St
Hartshead Moor Halifax Rd New Lane
Hartshead Moor Old Pack Horse PH
Cleckheaton Moorside New Lane
Cleckheaton Moorside Lark Hill Drive
Cleckheaton Moorbottom Lower Lark Hill
Cleckheaton Moorside West End Drive
Cleckheaton Westgate South Parade
Cleckheaton Westgate Richmond Street
Cleckheaton Westgate Carr Street
Cleckheaton Greenside Mortimer Street
Cleckheaton Bus Station
Cleckheaton St Peg Ln St Peg Close
Cleckheaton Spen Lane Gomersal Ln
Cleckheaton Spen Lane Cricket Ground
Gomersal Spen Lane Fusden Ln
Gomersal Spen Lane Nibshaw Rd
Gomersal Spen Ln Shirley Road
Gomersal Spen Lane Pollard Ave
Gomersal Hill Top House
Gomersal Oxford Rd Grove Lane
Gomersal Shoulder Of Mutton PH
Gomersal Oxford Road West House
Gomersal Oxford Rd Dewsbury Road
Birkenshaw Bradford Rd Swincliffe Close
Birkenshaw BBG Academy
Birkenshaw Halfway House
Birkenshaw Whitehall Grove
Birkenshaw Bar
Drighlington Whitehall Road By Pass
Drighlington Whitehall Road Whitehall Grove
Drighlington Whitehall Road Moorland Rd
Drighlington Crossroads
Drighlington Whitehall Rd Back Lane
Drighlington Whitehall Rd Old Back Lane
Drighlington Valley Inn
Drighlington Whitehall Road Cockersdale
New Farnley Ings Hall Farm
New Farnley Whitehall Road Cemetery
New Farnley Whitehall Rd Walsh Lane
New Farnley Whitehall Road Wolley Ave
New Farnley Whitehall Rd Lawns Lane
New Farnley Harper Farm
New Farnley Whitehall Rd Ashfield Way
New Farnley Whitehall Rd Branch Road
Wortley Whitehall Rd Whitehall Drive
Wortley Ringways Whitehall Road
Wortley Whitehall Rd Walkers Lane
Wortley Whitehall Rd Dixon Lane
Wortley Whitehall Road Dragon Inn
Wortley Whitehall Rd Copley Hill Way
Wortley Domestic Road Gelderd Rd
Holbeck Domestic Street Spence Ln
Holbeck Spence Lane
Holbeck Whitehall Rd Springwell Street
Holbeck Whitehall Rd Globe Road
Leeds City Centre Whitehall Road
Leeds City Centre Whitehall Road
Leeds City Centre King Street
Leeds City Centre Boar Lane
Leeds City Centre Boar Lane
Leeds City Centre Corn Exchange
Leeds City Centre Bus Stn

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