Bus route and timetables

254/254A/255 Leeds to Dewsbury or Halifax

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Halifax Town Centre Bus Station stand A7
Halifax Town Centre Bus Station stand B2
Halifax Town Centre Northgate
Claremount New Bank Prospect Street
Claremount Godley Lane The Incline
Stump Cross Godley Lane Shibden Park Garage
Stump Cross Godley Lane Leeds Rd
Stump Cross Leeds Rd Bradford Road
Stump Cross Leeds Rd Park Terrace
Stump Cross Lower Brear Farm
Stump Cross Leeds Road Break Neck
Hipperholme Halifax Road Woodfield Lodge
Hipperholme Halifax Road The Maltings
Hipperholme Halifax Rd Lane Ends Green
Hipperholme Halifax Road Tanhouse Hill
Hipperholme Crossroads Wakefield Road
Hipperholme Wakefield Rd Victoria Road
Lightcliffe Wakefield Rd St Giles Road
Lightcliffe Wakefield Road J & I School
Lightcliffe Wakefield Rd St Matthew's Church
Lightcliffe Wakefield Rd Stoney Lane
Lightcliffe Wakefield Rd Ripley Street
Lightcliffe Wakefield Rd Smith House Lane
Bailiff Bridge
Bailiff Bridge Bradford Road Wyke Old Ln
Bailiff Bridge Bradford Rd Highfield Avenue
Bailiff Bridge Bradford Rd Football Fields
Wyke Huddersfield Road Blankney Grange
Wyke Red Lion PH
Wyke Huddersfield Rd Whitehall Road
Huddersfield Rd Wyke Banks
Wyke Huddersfield Rd Station Road
Wyke Huddersfield Road West Croft
Wyke Town Gate Worthing Head Road
Wyke Oakenshaw Court
Wyke Town Gate Albert Street
Wyke Westfield Lane Towngate
Westfield Ln Wyke Lane
Wyke Westfield Lane Sellerdale Ave
Wyke Westfield Lane Greenacre Ave
Wyke Westfield Lane Whitehall Rd
Scholes Westfield Lane Brookfields Rd
Scholes Westfield Lane Westfield Place
Scholes Westfield Lane Wickham St
Scholes Walkers Arms New Road East
Scholes Whitechapel Rd Branch Road
Scholes Whitechapel Road Whitechapel Grove
Scholes Whitechapel Road Cemetery
Cleckheaton Turnsteads Avenue Whitechapel Rd
Cleckheaton Whitcliffe Mount School Turnsteads Avenue
Cleckheaton Whitcliffe Rd Westcliffe Road
Cleckheaton Whitcliffe Rd Public Library
Cleckheaton Whitcliffe Rd Prospect Road
Cleckheaton Horncastle Street Northgate
Cleckheaton Town Hall
Cleckheaton Greenside Mortimer Street
Cleckheaton Bus Station stand E
Cleckheaton St Peg Ln St Peg Close
Cleckheaton Spen Lane Gomersal Ln
Cleckheaton Spen Lane Cricket Ground
Gomersal Spen Lane Fusden Ln
Gomersal Spen Lane Nibshaw Rd
Gomersal Spen Ln Shirley Road
Gomersal Spen Lane Pollard Ave
Gomersal Hill Top House
Gomersal Oxford Rd Grove Lane
Gomersal Shoulder Of Mutton PH
Gomersal Oxford Road West House
Gomersal Oxford Rd Dewsbury Road
Birkenshaw Bradford Rd Swincliffe Close
Birkenshaw Halfway House
Birkenshaw Whitehall Grove
Birkenshaw Bar
Drighlington Hodgson Lane
Drighlington Moortop
Drighlington Moorland Road
Drighlington Xroads
Drighlington Summerbank Close
Drighlington Lumb Hall Way
Drighlington Cockersdale
Drighlington Valley Mills
New Farnley Low Moor Side Ln
New Farnley Cem
New Farnley Walsh Lane
New Farnley Wolley Avenue
New Farnley Lawns Lane
New Farnley Coach Road
New Farnley Whitehall Ind Est
New Farnley Branch Road
Wortley Whitehall Drive
Wortley Ringways Whitehall Road
Wortley Royds Lane
Wortley Dixon Lane
Wortley Dragon Bridge
Wortley Copleyhill Trdg Est
Wortley Domestic Road
Holbeck Lane
Holbeck Spence Lane
Holbeck Springwell Street
Holbeck Globe Road
Leeds City Centre Wellington P
Leeds City Centre Wellington O
Leeds City Centre City Square B
Leeds City Centre City Square L
Leeds City Centre Trinity R
Leeds City Centre Bus Stn stand 10