Bus route

24/25 Shrewsbury to Harlescott Tesco

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Shrewsbury Bus Station
Shrewsbury Post Office
Castle Fields Gasworks
Castle Fields Canal Tavern
Castle Fields Shops
Castle Fields New Field Drive Jct
Castle Fields Spring Gardens Jct
Ditherington Flax Mill
Ditherington The Coach PH
Ditherington Six Bells PH
Mount Pleasant Whitemere Road Jct
Mount Pleasant Boscobel Drive
Mount Pleasant Leighton Road Jct
Mount Pleasant Grange School
Little Harlescott Gloucester Road Jct
Harlescott Grange Anchor Inn
Harlescott Grange Bainbridge Gardens Jct
Harlescott Grange Worcester Road Jct
Harlescott Grange Grosvenor Green Jct
Harlescott Grange Ennerdale Road Jct
Harlescott Grange Kwiksave
Harlescott Grange Matalan
Harlescott Tesco